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iTC stands for Integral Taichi. It includes many health improvement programs, but the primary one is CK10. The main purpose of iTC is not just to exercise the body but also to include all activities for “life improvement”, nurturing both the physical and the spiritual . Hence, the main targets that iTC training programs focus on are: healthy body, clear mind, deep sleep, adequate rest, stress elimination, and healthy eating.  Basically, CK10 is a health improvement program, but based on the Prajna (Wisdom) spirit of Buddhism upon which its philosophical foundation is built.

CK stands for Can (Chinese  pīnyīn:  Gàn)  and Khon (Chinese: Kūn) the names of two hexagrams in I-Ching (the ancient Chinese "Book of Changes") where Can symbolizes Heaven and Khon symbolizes Earth. Between heaven and earth are all things, symbolized by the number 10 (Sacred Ten), a complete number according to the Avatamsaka philosophy. Instead of using mysterious and abstract symbols, CK10 uses animals images to symbolize the practice that  helps us to overcome our basic animal nature and allows us to become a spiritually-mature being. This spiritual maturity reflects the Prajna philosophy applied in life namely,  transcendence, self-mastery, and harmony.

 - Transcendence: through the images of the 
Frog, Buffalo, Crane, and Dragon forms. These forms express the movements that transcend, stretch out, and rise up; like the frog jumping out of a well, the buffalo  wading out of the mud, the crane spreading wings to fly away from a lofty resting place, the dragon  escaping from the crushing mountain. The endless transcendence is the primary spirit of the Prajna wisdom applied in the duality of life of the mundane world.

 - Self-mastery: through the images of the 
Phoenix, Tiger, Butterfly, and Turtle forms. These forms create images of self-mastery and freedom; like the Phoenix soaring freely without any constraint, the Tiger roaming at will in the dense forest, the Butterfly fluttering peacefully around the flowers, and the Turtle going down the sea or up the shore without hindrance. Self-mastery is the second important characteristic of the Prajna wisdom applied in life. Only with wisdom do we have self-mastery.

 - Harmony: through the images of the
Heaven and Earth forms. As we cannot master nor change heaven and earth, we can only harmonize with them..  And as we  harmonize with heaven and earth, we should harmonize (or live in harmony) with  every being in the universe. This is the third important characteristic of the Prajna wisdom.

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