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Introduction of CSS Montreal

About Compassionate Services Society (CSS) Montréal

Compassionate Service Society is a non-profit organization headquartered in Orange County, California, with offices in several major cities throughout the United States, Canada and in several countries in Europe and Asia.

The founder :    Venerable Hang Truong 

Venerable Hang Truong is one of the influential Vietnamese monks in Vietnamese communities all over the world. Born in Vietnam, he grew up during the war and pursued his education in the United States.  He was ordained under Chinese tradition and educated in the Dharma under the direct tutelage of Master Hsuan Hua,an influential Chinese Buddhist monk and an important figure in the development of Western Buddhism in the United States Master Hang Truong has worked and served multiethnic communities across Asia, America and Europe. The Master embodies, teaches, and lives by multicultural, multi-disciplined, global centric values. He is very well known for his holistic, integral approach to modernize and integrate Buddhism into the fast-changing world.



Since 2005, Compassionate Service Society Montreal has taught CK10, initially for patients with cancer and lymphedema at the Jewish General Hospital and gradually opened up more classes throughout Montreal.

In addition to the classes administered by the association, the trainers also collaborate with many social communities in Greater Montreal to make Tai Chi classes available for low-income people, cancer patients and persons with disabilities.



Encourage and practice the bodhisattva ideal, help others, bring health, hope and healing to the community.



Training bodhisattva practitioners according to the Avatamsakasutra.


Key Philosopy

Our philosophy is summed up in the model of “Transcending Worldliness and Engaging with the World”. The path of “Transcending Worldliness” consists of opening of our innate lights. “Engaging with the World” is entering into the world and sharing the lights with others, so that all living beings can shine their own lights.  In other words, we mean to bring joy and be helpful to others, not to achieve selfish goals.



In addition to Tai Chi classes, CSS offers meditation classes, bodhisattva courses, nutritional vegetarian cooking classes, repentance ceremonies and mandala ceremonies. The organization also donates to victims of natural disasters and collaborates with other charities.

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