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Repentance ceremony


In our personal lives, it’s also difficult to avoid making mistakes, create bad karmas, make a slip of the tongue or tie knots. The more we are careless, the more sufferings we create for ourselves and for others.

    Therefore we  must constantly reflect and find ways to improve ourselves, raise the level of our vision, enlarge our views and change our life to improve our relationships with others.

    Those necessary improvements are the motives for what is called bowing repentance in Buddhism: Repentance bowing is recreating destiny, reflecting on our mistakes, and then moving forward to a more positive path: Stop redoing bad things and start improving ourselves from now on.


    Thus, Repentance Dharma, instead of loading us with burdens of a guilt complex, focuses on developing the existing inner strength and opening up the bright potential in each of us. This is the bright potential of loving-kindness, forgiveness, caring, faith, pure and altruistic character, of knowing how to help others and make them happy…


    Repentance bowing is for all ages, in all phases of life, whenever we

need to change and improve our lives

    Please join us to the online repentance ceremony which is held at every 2 weeks

    Please click here for dates of repentance ceremony: link repentance ceremony program


    Any questions, please conatct : / 514-297-2398

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