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Veggie Cooking program

Why become vegetarian or vegan?


Nowadays, the first reason to become vegetarian or vegan is to respect the lives of animals and to be aware of the suffering they endured during their slaughter.


Plus, it's a good way to improve our health. A diet without meat can reduce the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, etc.


However, in order to obtain a good vegetarian diet, it is essential to know how to replace animal proteins with vegetarian proteins (cereals, legumes, nuts, tofu, tempeh, etc.) and to vary our diet to help the body get all the nutrients it needs.


Vegetarian proteins have almost no fat, especially saturated fats.

On the contrary, they are rich in fiber. In addition, they provide antioxidants that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Ecologically, crop production requires less water and energy than the meat industry. Also, it requires less space and therefore causes less deforestation. Finally, agriculture does not damage the atmosphere in which we live because it does not produce methane, a greenhouse gas. As a result, eating vegetarian or vegan is a way to protect every living species, including humans and future generations.


Therefore, a vegetarian or vegan diet helps us have good health, without harming animals, and protect the environment.


Compassionate Service Society Montreal organizes vegetarian cooking classes. Here are the recipes of the dishes that have been presented.

Simmered Yuba rolls

Vegetarian Pâté

Green curry


 watercolor jelly desser

Sour Soup

Healthy congee

Veggie SUSHI

Vegetarian spicy noodle soup

Vegetarian vietnamese noodle

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