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PROJEcT  “mask of love”


Since the beginning of April 2020, our organization has made and donated a total of 17,000 fabric masks to different locations in Montreal:

    - Parishes

    - Seniors care facilities

    - Centers for homeless people

    - Charity organizations

    - Hospitals


This success is due to the hard work of members and friends of the organization and your support.


We are grateful for your financial and material support (fabric, elastic, etc.) and sincerely thank all those who contributed wholeheartedly to the making, washing, ironing and delivery of the masks.


For any contribution and / or support, please contact Thuy Te:


Our sincere thanks.

Compassionate Service Society - Montreal


Note: The organization does not act as an intermediary and does not buy / sell masks.

Please click here for 'The Mask of Love' project.

Please click here to see the photos (link)

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